Smells like Python

If the enormous turd hadn’t been snow white we would have stepped right into it.

“Python poo,” tracker, James, announced, and here I was thinking it was a giant Hadada poo, some undiscovered mutant species hiding on Lake Victoria’s Rubondo Island,  feeding on chimps. I was scanning the trees. Silly me.

“Yup, smells like Python,” Quinton declared after sticking his finger in the poo and having a whiff. How did he know what Python smelled like? Tentatively, I stuck my finger in too – it’s a rule of being a boy: what one does the other must do – and of course, it smelled like chicken.

But Quinton must have known what he was talking about for, as we moved on, he called, “Stop!” And pointed to a meter long tail below a bush at our feet. And that’s only one fifth of this five meter long story. See the rest of it in the video above.